About Ronnie’s Surf Shop

Ronnie’s Surf Shop’s main goal is to help make your surfing experience and surfing life, as good as it can get.

We specialize in surfboards, that’s it, but we also sell some stuff that goes with this whole mad surfing thing!

You can be sure that we “get it”… we get that you need a quiver with a board for every type of wave, or every type of surf mood you are in… we also get that you are only allowed one surfboard and that has to cover every surf session you have… SO what I am trying to say is we will try and cater to your specific surf need as well as we can

Ronnie’s Surf Shop is here to cater for YOU

I have been surfing around Mossel Bay my whole life but also know almost every spot around our coast and how lucky we are to have such wealth of world class surf spots!!

I really would be very happy if I can help someone have a better surfing experience through my little surf shop